How I became a Photographer by Sean Pegg

I’ve always been told I have a good eye, and I'm creative. Art and Music runs in the family. As I play the guitar this brought out my creative side. Art….well photography is art and when I had my first camera, it totally changed everything and i fell in love with it.

As it was a hobby to start with, taking photos of my family was my biggest inspiration. Especially my daughter, Ruby.

When i got into photography professionally, Wedding, Family Portraits and Newborn was where i excelled.

I found this worked so well as interaction with the people in front of my camera were at ease and i always make it an enjoyable experience for them. Even if they didn't like their photo taken. Be at ease, enjoy your time together and have a laugh. You are guaranteed to have natural photos every time, and they are always the best.

Newborn photography. How lucky am to be able to capture such precious photos. I hear it a lot “You’re so lucky you. You get to work with all of these babies”

Having doing this for a few years, i started working for Precious Pixels Uk. The freedom of choice i have to show the creative side in my photography in this amazing studio , meet so many nice people and work with all of these babies makes me feel so lucky and honoured.

Personally, it’s exciting to be able to always push for more ideas, and to stand out by making this work my own. By making it as fresh and as new as possible. So that these parents can show off the photo of their baby, with the added “wow” factor. When this happens, i am a happy man.

To me, having made these people so happy, just by what i have created, to make it not just a photo….but a picture, makes me proud and also makes me realise just how much i love photography.

From all of this, my wife and daughter are the reason I'm here.

Living the dream!!!


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