Why I Became A Photographer by Kellyanne

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

As I sit here writing my first ever blog, I'm asking myself, why did I become a photographer? That I will happily share.... I have always owned a camera and loved clicking away when seeing something that was worth shooting. When my children were born photography became more of a hobby, I upgraded my camera and was constantly snapping away! The amount of photos I have of my children and family is crazy, the best are showcased on our walls at home. In my opinion your NEVER going to see those moments again so captured them right? They are memories to treasure forever! My eldest is nearly 7, second child is 4 and my youngest is 2, as they are growing up so quickly, photography has become really important to me, I never want to miss their milestones. It was only last year (2017) that I wanted to share my passion with other families out there and capture something for them to love and cherish, or at least to show that a photograph is a pause button of LIFE! There's so many moments when we say, "I wish I got that on camera"!

The only regret I have is not having enough photos of ME with my children and family! As I'm always behind the camera I forget and then think maybe I should have been in that photo too!

I'm so passionate about what I do and love to capture those special moments in photographs for families to keep and treasure!

Kellyanne x.x

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